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Opening day of Northampton Express New Green


     21st.DECEMBER 1923 - 23rd.SEPTEMBER 2021




Cyril spent his entire working life at Express Lifts and joined the bowls section in 1952. He served as Treasurer from 1985 to 1991 and made a Life Member in 1992.

His finest achievement on the green was to qualify for the National Championships at Mortlake in 1972, when along with Wally Thorneycroft and Fred Forbes they were finalists in the County Triples.

Even after he retired from bowling, Cyril remained a loyal supporter to club and at our new home in Duston it gave him much pleasure to donate the funds for our changing rooms, even though at the time he wanted the benefactor to remain anonymous.

The changing rooms are now to be given Cyril’s name in honour of his memory.

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