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Fundraising For Cynthia Spencer:

Please see the following message from fellow bowler Mick Spear regarding some excellent fundraising that he is taking part in to raise money for Cynthia, an excellent charity which is also supported by our club Captain John with his Saturday afternoon fine pot:

On the weekend of May 13th / 14th 2023 I (Mick Spear) shall be doing the Jurassic Coastal Walk 100km (60miles) going through the night with organised and monitored breaks along the way. The reason is I shall be 60 years old walking 60 miles and the14th May would have been my dad's 91st birthday. What better reason to raise money for a wonderful hospice.

I do appreciate that we all have the cost of living crisis to deal with and we already do a huge amount for charity, but if you could just take a few minutes to read my story on the attached just giving page it would be very much appreciated. It's not until you experience places like Cynthia Spencer, that you realise the fantastic end of life care they give to loved ones.

I have also included the link to the coastal walk.

Any support that you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks and kind regards

Mick Spear

In addition to this Richard Lemon is also taking part in the annual cycle 4 cynthia event on Sunday 25th September 2022 where he will be cycling 25 miles to raise money for Cynthia Spencer. Any donations are very much appreciated:

Please see the link for additional information.

Latest News:

"Nobby The Sweep" Sponsored Phelp Shield 2022. Sunday 24th July:

Sunday 24th July saw the return of the Phelp Shield which is the Clubs Rinks competition. This is a drawn team competition which dates back to 1920. 28 players took to the green, and all players were drawn in to 7 teams of fours. The conditions were sunny and windy. Every team then played each other in a round robin format with each game consisting of 5 ends. Each team was allocated an old Express Lifts department who had previously participated in the competition when it was originally played at the old Express Lifts factory where our original green use to be. 3 points were awarded for a victory with 1 point for a draw. Where teams were level on points, positions were decided by shots difference.

The 7 works teams to be represented are Accounts, Despatch, Drawing Office, Machine Shop, Maintenance, Sales & Stores.

A shield will be presented to the winners at the annual presentation evening along with a runners up prize. The team who come last are also awarded with the Prestigious Wooden Spoon.

An enjoyable day was had by all which included a spider, raffle and BBQ which contributed towards the day raising £265.00 for the club.

Special thanks go to Paul Green for sponsoring this event and provided the food for the BBQ, and to John Carters two sons and grandson for running the BBQ which was enjoyed by all. Thanks to all who donated raffle prizes, especially to Wayne for donating a bottle of whiskey for the Spider. Thank you to Laura Haggar for selling tickets and to Wayne Stanley and Chloe Weston for carrying out the raffle draw. Well done to Martin Johnson as well who auctioned off his Spider winning prize in order to raise more money for the club.

 Team Name:                      Lead:                          Two:                            Three:                         Skip:

A Accounts                          Gary Thornton         Jude Thornton         Martin Johnson         Mark Dickens        Wooden Spoonists

B Despatch                         Andrew Hilliard       Ben Carter                John Heppell              Connor Dolby        Runners Up

C Drawing Office              Steve Dolby               Tony Warren           Linda Warren             Wayne Stanley       5th

D Machine Shop               Tony Lemon             Haydn Bryan           Mick Swift                   Richard Lemon     Winners

E Maintenance                   Giles West                  Jackie Heppell         Dave Moore                Malcolm Paul        6th

F Sales                                  Danny Mills              Chloe Weston          Neil Rolfe                    Janet Swift              4th

G Stores                               Ian Coles                   Val Hay                      John Carter                 Jack Botterill          3rd


Opening day of Northampton Express New Green  

                                 ALBERT ALLEN 

     21st.DECEMBER 1923 - 23rd.SEPTEMBER 2021





Cyril spent his entire working life at Express Lifts and joined the bowls section in 1952. He served as Treasurer from 1985 to 1991 and made a Life Member in 1992.

His finest achievement on the green was to qualify for the National Championships at Mortlake in 1972, when along with Wally Thorneycroft and Fred Forbes they were finalists in the County Triples.

Even after he retired from bowling, Cyril remained a loyal supporter to club and at our new home in Duston it gave him much pleasure to donate the funds for our changing rooms, even though at the time he wanted the benefactor to remain anonymous.

The changing rooms are now to be given Cyril’s name in honour of his memory.

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